Monday, 25 May 2009

Mail's weight-watch continues

A couple of days ago, the Mail was picking on two women for not being quite as thin as the Mail wanted them to be. Now, they're picking on one woman - Trinny Woodall - and writing two stories in three days about how she's far too thin. Although the other pictures in the story don't show her looking that much different now compared with then.

On the other hand, the Mail has found a woman whose weight it likes. It's Daniela Hantuchova, the tennis player who, during her late teens, was subject to rumours of an eating disorder. She is quoted in the story as saying she did 'change shape, because there was too much pressure' on her, but has 'turn[ed] things around'.

But can the Mail really describe her (pictured) as having a 'rounded physique'? The best part of a year ago - in June 2008 - when the Mail reported for the first time on her 'healthier look' they called her 'curvy'.

Yes, of course, it's great that she has overcome any such problems with her weight, but 'curvy' and 'rounded' she is not. For one thing, the Mail should stop re-heating year old news. And secondly, they should stop obsessing about the weight of various famous women. Especially as they seem to have their priorities for judging these things skewed.

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  1. I love this line: "Miss Hantuchova is still unhappy at the way sportswomen come under constant scrutiny, particularly about their weight."

    Under scrutiny from who? The Daily Mail, of course!


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