Monday, 4 May 2009

Hypocrisy on royal bodyguards

Today the Mail is reporting Princess Eugenie mugged in Cambodia as thieves pelt her bodyguards with rocks. The story goes on to claim:

the fortunate escape is likely to vindicate the controversial use of round-the-clock protection for Eugenie and her older sister Beatrice...Both have faced criticism for the enormous cost of their security entourage.

'Controversy' and 'criticism'? Where from? Oh yes, that's right - it was in the Mail. On 18 April. They ran a two page spread asking Just why are we paying Princess Eugenie's £100,000 gap-year security bill? as it sniffed: 'Cavorting topless. Drinking till dawn. The gap year's a rite of passage. But for the sixth in line to the throne, it means embarrassing headlines for Grandma - and, more pertinently, round-the-clock bodyguards at great cost, paid for by you and me.'

Selective amnesia or shameless hypocrisy?

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