Friday, 15 May 2009

Mail - not a fan of the Ghost Whisperer

The Mail's quite bizarre obsession with Jennifer Love Hewitt's weight rumbles on. In an article thin on content, but full of judgmental bitchiness, she is described as 'gaunt' with a 'waspy waist'. It goes on: 'Jennifer's famous bust seems to have shrunk, while her face looked drawn and cheekbones hollow...the actress looked a shadow of her former self.'

And as these pap shots were taken outside a Taco Bell, they add sarcastically, 'At least she's eating.'

Hewitt doesn't actually look much different to when she last appeared in the Mail - which was just over a month ago when they said she had 'lost too much weight'. So it's hard to see what's really behind this (non-) story.

But it gives them an opportunity to give the Hewitt bikini pics another airing. They say today: 'Her incredibly lean appearance was a far cry from this time last year, when unflattering bikini pictures of her emerged.'

Putting aside the fact those pics are actually 18 months old, is it any wonder that a woman who is mercilessly bullied for not being stick thin, then decides to lose some weight? And is it any surprise that the media then bully her for being too thin?

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