Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Groundbreaking news from the Mail

Today's Mail has an absolutely fascinating news story on the right-hand side of its front page:

Girl who married Anne Diamond's husband leaves him...for a woman.

So a woman who is married to someone who used to be married to someone who used to be on telly starts a new relationship.

Astounding stuff, isn't it?

The rest of this tale of the utmost national importance is on page seven.

Just for comparison, remember the Mail's coverage of the Haiti earthquake? They never put it on the front page of the paper - which even the Daily Star managed to do - and the day after the disaster struck, the Mail's coverage was on pages 12 and 13.

But this drivel is on pages one and seven.

Mail Editor Paul Dacre gets paid well over £1m a year for making decisions like that.


  1. A particularly thoughtless and cruel juxtaposition of the two stories as well.

    In fact, if I was feeling especially cynical I would suggest it was a deliberate "Daily Star job" in order to create a false impression to people not reading it carefully enough. Especially as the Anne Diamond story is not in any way front page news.

  2. Ah yes but if I recall, didn't Mike Hollingsworth sue the DM for libel after they made up some allegations about him? The DM make stuff up? Surely not.


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