Friday, 14 May 2010

The Sun's sensitive coverage of Haiti

The huge earthquake that hit Haiti earlier in the year saw tens of thousands of people killed and injured, hundreds of thousands left homeless and several highly-populated areas were wrecked, including the capital city.

Good job the Sun is sensitive enough to reflect the magnitude of that without resorting to racist stereotypes.

Oh, wait:

In an article on February 3, we implied two thirds of Haitians drank goats' blood while practising voodoo. We are happy to make clear this is not the case.

This apology actually appeared on page 10 of the 16 April edition. Did they really need to wait two-and-a-half months to correct that?


  1. Rage-inducing yet hilarious. That retraction may be the greatest correction a newspaper has ever published and ever will.

  2. The worrying this is a lot of the general public believe things they read in newspapers.


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