Monday, 24 May 2010

'Cruel speculation'

'My daughter's no lesbian,' screamed a headline on page 47 of yesterday's Mail on Sunday.

It was accompanying an interview by Jo MacFarlane with Dorien Stewart-Cole, mother of Kimberley. MacFarlane talked of:

unfounded rumours


cruel speculation

that Kimberley was in a relationship with another woman. Calling this 'cruel' says much about the attitude to homosexuality at the Mail newspapers.

But what MacFarlane omitted was where this 'unfounded' and 'cruel' gossip came from.


Yes - the front page of the Daily Mail, a few days before.

Must have just slipped her mind.

It couldn't possibly be that the Mail papers were trying to pretend it was nothing to do with them...

(Background here and here)

(Thanks to Brian Cathcart)


  1. Some of the comments are, for once, quite fun though. Typical comment: 'BREAKING NEWS: RANDOM WOMAN IS NOT GAY'.

  2. This story is just trash from beginning to end. Does anyone know who these people are?

    Apart from a loose connection to Anne Diamond who last appeared regularly on TV about 15 years ago I can't work out why it's made the papers!

  3. Could it just be that the editors of the MoS and the Daily Mail hate each other? I'm sure I read something along those lines in Private Eye (that they hate each other I mean). Not that that makes it any better of course

  4. As I posted yesterday on the DM website -

    "What an exciting story:

    Marriage of man who used to be married to somebody off the telly breaks up. And where exactly were these "unfounded rumours" first published? Why, look - in last Wednesday's "Daily Mail".

    Obviously the fact the Mike Hollingsworth won £50,000 in libel damages from the same newspaper in 2007 has nothing at all to do with the prominence this "story" receives

    *wanders off, whistling.....*"

    To their credit, they did publish it.


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