Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mail on Sunday gives away England flags, despite 'ban'

Given that the Mail keeps telling us that England flags are being banned, the Mail on Sunday has come up with a strange giveaway today:

Or is simply that this ban on England flags (and shirts) is as non-existent as the ban on talking about immigration?


  1. I wish they were banned. All this feverent blind patriotism, scores of flags over every corner and dedication to overpaid muscleheads who kick spherical shaped bags of air into nets is irritating.

  2. Maybe the giveaway is so that people can "defy" the "ban"?

  3. Dean, it is not "Feverent blind patriotism". If you go to any country, you will see them flying flags, singins songs and supporting their nation. As a proud and old nation, Patriotism is a key part of the national psyche and now since we are not at war with anyone in the oldfashioned sense, this patriotism has manifested itself in the form of supporting our players, Football, Rugby or cricket. You say that these players are overpaid, yes for their clubs maybe, BUT at international level, the players of england donate their wages to charity, via the TEAM ENGLAND FOOTBALLERS CHARITY. They take nothing from the football, other than playing for this great and proud nation.

  4. Dean, i completely agree. I refuse to support people who selfishly make millions by kicking a ball around.



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