Monday 7 June 2010

Caring Carole

First it was incredulity. Now it's anger. Raw anger. The people of Cumbria are raging - yet their anger isn't directed at Derrick Bird.

At least not yet. For now it's directed at a world that has suddenly and without warning invaded their lives, a world that is shining an unwelcome light on them at a time when they are scared and vulnerable and confused.

It's as if Derrick Bird is their shame, their failure and they want to deal with it privately in their own time.

These proud working class communities don't want to grieve, to heal themselves with the world looking on...

And where once tourists would come to see the scenery, now they'll come to gawp at Derrick Bird's killing fields.

That's Carole Malone, reporting for the News of the World.

From Cumbria.


  1. There is no point to those comments whatsoever.
    How can someobe make judgments on something they know nothig about?

  2. "These proud working class communities" is so patronising. eurgh

  3. Carole Malone has really excelled here. She is an absolute disgrace to journalism. I can not believe that she thought those opinions of hers were factual in any form. This woman wants sacked from her job.

    I can't help but think that she creates these pieces for attention. She probably reads these comments and smiles. She ought to be disgusted in herself

  4. Lady Muck needs to get some facts instead of speculating!

    Julie B - Cumbria

  5. But it's clearly not the NOTW that's the problem, not at all. It's all those other media innit?

    Bit like all those motorists who rage against traffic jams like they're nothing to do with the amount of traffic.

  6. Malone is typical of so many journos they start of to the left of tony benn and as their ambition to make money becomes more obsessive they move rightwards at hurricane storm level, ending up at the NOTW and the mail, tabloids are full of these loud mouthed grumpy sounding opinion ranters, gaunt, littlejohn, muir,mckenzie,malone,phillips,liddle the list is endless.


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