Tuesday 8 June 2010

No, she isn't

With the final series of Big Brother about to begin, the reality TV-obsessed Daily Star will be looking forward to churning out weeks of misleading, recycled headlines.

And they've started with the lies already:

That front page might make you think that Jordan is going to be in the Big Brother house.

But you only need to read the first three words of the 'story' to find out the headline isn't quite accurate:

A Jordan wannabe...


It goes on:

A Jordan wannabe, Jedward style twins and a millionaire are among the 81 hopefuls desperate to enter the Big Brother house tomorrow.

So the Jordan wannabe might not get into the house either. Therefore the correct front page headline should have been 'Someone who claims to look like Jordan might be in Big Bro house'.

And there will be plenty more of this once the series actually begins...

(Hat-tip to Chris)

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  1. That's really funny, I noticed this headline, but wasn't able to read the story. I thought of you, and then thought 'I bet she isn't'.
    And surprise surprise, I was right.
    Thanks for your blog :)


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