Wednesday 23 June 2010

Why the tabloids enjoy Wimbledon

Isn't it pleasing to see how the tabloids are taking the female tennis players at Wimbledon seriously

as sportswomen and athletes?

It certainly makes a change

from them using a tennis tournament

as an excuse to publish lots

of gratuitous upskirt pictures.



  1. The Sun, on it's horrible homepage that's dominated with so many screaming headlines and big pictures as one article illustrated by a massive close-up of Sharapova's arse.

  2. Five - Indeed, that's where the 'Best seat at Wimbledon' headline comes from.

    The last line of that three-sentence 'story' was: 'And she rewarded fans by flashing her shapely backside.'

    But no byline, so no one wants to own up to it...

  3. Wait a minute, it took 2 people to write that Daily Mail article?

  4. "Babe, set and match" that supposed to be a pun?

  5. Just another annual event like banning Christmas, bank holiday traffic chaos, pics of girls jumping around after their GCSE results only for the next day someone telling us how easy they are now.... so many more!

  6. In all fairness though, upskirt pictures of Maria Sharapova are a good thing in my book!


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