Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mirror clarifies Heather Mills story

Another correction, this time from the Daily Mirror, about Heather Mills, who:

complained to the PCC that an article was inaccurate in stating that she had been enraged and humiliated when security staff at Heathrow airport asked to take a swab from her prosthetic leg. In fact, the procedure was an entirely normal one and was something she had grown used to over the years.

The Mirror published this clarification:

Following our article of 15 March, Heather Mills has asked us to make clear that she regularly has her prosthetic leg swabbed by security staff at airports and she is very understanding of the need for this procedure.

It does not anger her or make her feel humiliated.

When her leg was swabbed at Heathrow in March we accept that Heather was not in a rage, furious or disbelieving.


  1. "We are happy to admit we in fact made this up, and are very sorry we got got caught."

  2. Heather Mills seems to belong to that unfortunate group of people (of whom there are many) who could never, ever say or do anything right as far as the Mail and its ilk are concerned. Hence her public image is so bad that people will happily believe anything they do say about her.

  3. Sheri - Yes, that's true, although she is one person who isn't shy of going to the PCC to challenge these stories. She's managed to get several corrections published over the years.


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