Saturday, 5 March 2011

Express apologises to Cherie Blair

The Daily Express has published the following apology to Cherie Blair:

In our 5 November 2010 article “Burkha ‘no more a threat than a nun’s habit’ says Cherie” we reported that Cherie Blair had, in a speech to Muslim women, defended the wearing of the Burkha and that this was a change from her previously stated opposition to the Burkha and to full-face veils.

In fact, Mrs Blair spoke in support of Muslim women’s right to wear their traditional hair cover which leaves the face uncovered. We accept that Mrs Blair made no comment about the Burkha and her views on face coverings had not changed. We apologise to Mrs Blair for this error and any confusion caused.


  1. Hey MacGuffin, I'm sure you've seen this already, but just in case you haven't -

  2. This is also not related to the post, but I feel is worth mentioning.

    At about 12:30am on 6th March YouTube started showing an image of a topless woman being pleasured by a man holding a sex toy on their front page. The advert was for a direct link to Demand5 content from Channel 5 which featured the "Sex: How to do everything" series.

    Several hundred complaints have appeared in the comments section of the video, but it has yet to be taken down (1:25am) nor has the image on the home page been replaced.

    Now, while I am a pretty liberal person when it comes to sex, I of course feel that it is somewhat Ironic that Channel 5 are using YouTube to stream a show about sex when the Desmond Duo newspapers are always quick to jump on the "THINK OF THE CHILDREN/BAN THIS SICK FILTH" bandwagon and are quick to pick up the story whenever porn or other objectionable material has slipped into a YouTube video. This seems to be putting sexual content on a website which a) does not allow it and b) easily within reach of children

    My main concern is that several people, myself included, have posted comments critical of Desmond and Channel 5 for doing this...all of which quickly gained several "likes" and thus appeared at the top of the comments list for all to see. Some commenter's even made the link between Channel 5 and the newspapers which complained about this kind of thing. However within about 10 minutes all of these critical comments had been removed without trace. I noticed a few had been reposted, more than once in some cases (the "like" count had gone down to 0) but the comments were again removed very quickly.bbbb

    That seems odd considering there are several of the usual racist, sexist or otherwise bigoted comments which one would normally find on YouTube have been allowed to remain in the comments section for this video.

    YouTube have also disabled the ability to flag these videos as inappropriate.

    Something doesn't seem right here...


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