Friday 18 March 2011

Mail corrects migrant numbers error

The Mail has published a correction to one of its articles about migration:

This article has been amended. It previously contained a graphic that correctly listed the latest annual number of non-EU nationals admitted to each of ten European countries. However, a second table was wrongly headed "Non EU citizens to each square kilometre" instead of "Number of people to each square kilometre". We are happy to correct this point.

How clumsy. As the PCC explains:

The complainant was concerned that as a result of the error readers would be misled into thinking that Britain was home to many more non-EU immigrants than was actually the case.

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  1. I notice the article first went online in February, so they were relatively quick off the mark with this correction. Compared to some apologies they print, this one is almost instant!

    Three things stand out on that article. Many people included in the non-European number will be asylum seekers, so they're being a bit misleading (no surprise there).

    They only show a picture of a group of Black people. Non-European immigration doesn't just mean black people, it means anyone who is literally not from Europe. I.E. White people could come here too (shock)!

    Just another example of "Immigrants=Asylum Seekers=Darkies" from the Mail.

    Another thing, the comment with the most votes is one from a relief worker. In other words someone who has actually got a clue what is going on in the world and is providing perfectly acceptable reasons for Immigration and Asylum to the UK. Yet, of course, those votes are all red arrows because DM readers don't like to be challenged and those silly things called Facts and Reality just get in the way of the "SEND 'EM ALL HOME, LAB/CONDEM SHOULD HANG, NICK GRIFFENS GOT THE RIGHT IDEA" mentality.


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