Monday, 15 August 2011

Mirror apologies and pays damages to Martin O'Neill

This apology was published by the Mirror on 9 August and spotted by Regret the Error:

On June 24 last year we wrongly reported that Martin O’Neill, while manager of Aston Villa, had been secretly interviewed for the position of Liverpool manager, in breach of Premier League rules and his contract.

We accept that no such interview took place.

On August 10 and 11, following Mr O’Neill’s resignation as Aston Villa manager, we published a number of articles claiming that Mr O’Neill had lost the confidence, faith and respect of the dressing room, causing a players’ revolt which forced him to resign.

We also alleged that his resignation resulted in general celebration amongst the squad. We now accept that Mr O’Neill had not lost the dressing room, there was no players’ revolt and no general celebration over Mr O’Neill’s departure.

We apologise to Mr O’Neill for these false allegations and have agreed to pay him damages for libel and his reasonable legal costs.

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