Thursday, 18 August 2011

Too much and not enough

Following the death of two horses during this year's Grand National, the Mail's website and the Mail on Sunday picked up on some critical viewer comments that claimed the BBC had glossed over the equine fatalities. The Mail accused the BBC of a 'cover-up' and reported:

One viewer wrote on the corporation’s own website: ‘I’m amazed that the BBC coverage pans over the tarpaulins on the re-run and the commentators just talk about “obstacles”.’

Another said: ‘And the BBC – shame on you. No mention of what’s happened, even when there’s 2 dead covered horses on screen.’

But yesterday, Mail diarist Richard Kay was all-too pleased to repeat comments made to him by former BBC racing commentator Peter O'Sullevan, who attacked the BBC for a rather different reason:

‘Someone at the BBC obviously wanted to make a name for himself,’ he tells me. ‘They want to make it more sensational, with shots of dead horses and focusing on the tragic and unexpected deaths that occurred this year. It really is unacceptable.’

So the Mail newspapers happily repeat claims the BBC didn't cover the deaths enough and claims the BBC covered them too much.

Damned if they do and damned if they don't.

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