Monday, 29 August 2011

Today's Daily Star front page

Excluding the football, there are three main stories on the front of today's Daily Star:

The lead, continuing the paper's fascination with Celebrity Big Brother, claims:

Celeb Big Brother star and Speaker's wife Sally Bercow wants gypsy hardman Paddy Doherty to be her hubby - swapping Parliament for a caravan.

The article, by Emma Wall, begins:

Smitten Sally Bercow wants to become gypsy hardman Paddy Doherty’s TV “wife” after they bonded on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Speaker’s wife is ready to swap the Houses of Parliament for a caravan park as she trades high-flying husband John for the bare-knuckle brawler.

But the Star eventually admits Bercow has only said she'd like to do an episode of Wife Swap with Doherty. She doesn't actually want Paddy for her hubby.

On the left hand side of the front page, there's the headline 'Jess vows to wed rat', under which it says:

Eastenders star Jessie Wallace has decided to go ahead with her wedding today.

According to the Mail (and Wallace's spokesperson) she didn't.

And in the bottom corner of the front page, the paper claims:

Kate backs Star battle

Kind-hearted Princess Kate is backing the Daily Star's Reclaim the Streets crusade to help victims of the riots that have devastated Britain.

But the article on page 7 admits:

The Duchess of Cambridge was so touched by those she met after the troubles that she is joining Prince Charles’s fight to support disadvantaged children and teenagers.

It continues:

A spokesman said the Duchess, her husband Prince William, 29, and Prince Harry, 26, all had “a strong interest in, and commitment to, helping disadvantaged young people”.

And the spokesman added: “This area of work is one of the key focuses of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and will continue to feature strongly in their charitable work.”

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the article does not once claim that she has specifically backed the Daily Star's campaign.

So two of the 'news' stories on the front page today were dishonestly presented and the third was guesswork that turned out to be wrong.

They did manage to get the football results right, however.


  1. Do they realise that 'reclaim the streets' is like an anarchist fest/movement to reclaim the streets from the state/corporations?

    Just strikes me as rather ironic...

  2. I wonder if there is a Clause in the big brother contracts stating that contestants cannot sue any desmond media outlet if they print bollocks about them or show them in a bad light, in return for a large sum of money for appearing.

  3. They pulled the same bollocks yesterday and you didn't even need to read the article.


    then right underneath:


    It has been amusing watching the Star desperately try to come up with a headline related to Big Brother every day because Desmond has told them to. Have any other papers been covering it? Certainly not been on the front pages.

  4. If it wasn't for Big Brother, then, on any given day, the editors of the Daily Star would be stuck for a front-page headline. That's why Desmond's Channel 5 bought the rights to the show when it should've finished for good last year.


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