Sunday, 16 October 2011

'The celebrity stuff drives the site'

As this blog has pointed out once or twice before, MailOnline publisher Martin Clarke told the Press Gazette in 2009:

News is far more important to us that showbiz. News is what drives our site.

But last week, Simon Heffer - editor of the RightMinds section of MailOnline - admitted what most of us knew already. He told the Guardian:

The celebrity stuff drives the site.

Just take a look at the MailOnline's most read articles in the last 30 days. At time of writing, these are stories about Jodie Marsh (x2), Zara Phillips, The X Factor (x2), Amanda Knox, Pippa Middleton, Cheryl Cole (x2) and Rihanna.

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  1. As a journalist I've been following the Daily Mail's coverage (4-5 articles dsily)of the Kardashian/Jenner families. DM also blocking commenters (their right to do so) who bring this to light or have a lot of negative feedback about the Kardashians.Uh oh.


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