Saturday, 22 October 2011

Oh deer

Daily Mail, Monday 17 October:

The tiny deer that causes 42,000 crashes every year

They are just two foot long and as cute as Bambi but soaring numbers of muntjac deer are causing at least 42,000 road accidents a year, a study has found.

Daily Mail, Tuesday 18 October:

The doe-eyed destroyer: They may look cute but these tiny deer last year caused 42,000 road accidents, destroyed countless gardens - and they're breeding faster than ever

Daily Mail, Thursday 20 October:

An article on Monday claimed that muntjac deer cause 42,000 road accidents a year. In fact, this is the number of accidents caused by all deer and not just the muntjac.


  1. Still, deport the little baskets anyway eh

  2. I can't help thinking that this Corrections column takes all the fun out of things.

  3. So it's all the fault of the deer then. Nothing drivers can do to reduce the possibility of a collision, such as driving carefully and watching out for the blighters when travelling through deer country?


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