Friday 14 October 2011

'A proper crack-down'

The main editorial comment in today's Daily Star takes a stand against obesity:


The smartest minds in Britain have spent months looking for a way to end the country’s obesity crisis.

And last night they revealed the incredible solution: eat less.

Well, you don’t have to be Einstein to work that out.

Next they’ll be telling us to drink less to avoid a hangover.

As taxpayers we are footing the massive NHS bill for treating people with obesity-related illnesses.

What we need is a proper crack-down on the problem, with more education on how to get healthier.

Suppliers of unhealthy food also need to take more responsibility.

Simply telling people to eat less is not enough.

And it makes a laughing stock of our Government to say it.

That's all on page 6.

But on the front page...

(Hat-tip to Mark)


  1. Not just the government of course, a certain stable mate `news'paper does exactly that week in week out

  2. But surely they think it is madness and "nanny state" for the government to try and do something about it like educate people.


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