Wednesday, 21 March 2012


A curious headline on the Express website today, above an article about events in Toulouse:


Shouldn't that be 'GUNMAN'?

(Hat-tip to Daryl)


  1. In addition, there's a pretty confusing use of "singular they" in the final sentence.

  2. Been a good day for terrible journalism, starting with the Daily Mail running a story about young footballer Leigh Grifiths alledgedly headbutting his manager and punching his assistant manager before speeding off.

    Turns out that it's bollocks, there was a verbal disagreement but nothing more. Furthermore, he doesn't drive, so couldn't have sped off.

    The Hibernian FC website strongly refutes the whole thing and makes a very strongly worded statement, the Mail remove the article, but of course it still shows up in Google search listings: (search Leigh Griffiths last game headbutts).


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