Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Express uses photo from 2007 for front page 'exclusive'

The front page of today's Sunday Express contains what the paper claims is an 'exclusive' about Prince Harry:

'Harry back with Chelsy'.

Is he? The article doesn't seem quite so sure:

Prince Harry sparked rumours that he is back with Chelsy Davy after they attended a surprise 22nd birthday party for Princess Eugenie together.

His former girlfriend of five years was among a select few at the intimate dinner at Windsor Castle on Friday night.

A royal insider said: “Prince Harry was there and so was Chelsy. Clearly they are still close. They appeared at ease with each other and were chatting happily together. Whether or not they have rekindled their relationship is anyone’s guess but they certainly seemed very friendly.”

From "anyone's guess" to front page 'exclusive'.

(Moreover, the Mail's Kate Nicholl was claiming last week that Chelsy had a 'moved on'.)

But what of the photo on the front page? It certainly seems to back up the headline.

However, it was actually taken at the Concert for Diana. In 2007

The paper almost admits this in the very last line of the story:

She and Harry famously enjoyed a kiss at the concert for his mother Princess Diana in 2007.

But how many people will only see the front page and think that kiss was more recent than five years ago?

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  1. Top of the page makes me wonder if they are suggesting that Victoria Pendleton is a bike...


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