Friday, 30 March 2012

Mail admits Amanda Platell column went 'beyond fair comment'

The 'Clarifications and corrections' column in today's Mail apologises for comments made by Amanda Platell when she attacked some of the core participants at the Leveson Inquiry:

A column by Amanda Platell on 17 September 2011 referred to Sheryl Gascoigne as a ‘gold digger’ and as ‘sleazy and degrading company’ for the other participants in the Leveson Inquiry. We now accept that these allegations are entirely unfounded and went beyond fair comment. We have sincerely apologised to Ms Gascoigne in court for the distress caused and have agreed to pay her substantial damages and costs.


  1. Ha!, one apology they cannot blame someone else for!

  2. Those aren't even allegations, just slurs.

  3. Amanda Platell is a bitter, nasty, jealous bitch. Is there a point to her column? All she does is complain about how she is single (unsurprising!), cheer some 'wonder' beauty product and slag off more famous and successful women compared to herself with petty childish names such as "Natasha 'spangles' Kaplinsky"?

  4. Oh the irony of Amanda's column today headlined "Why does Twitter turn people into monsters". Perhaps for the same reason they write for a trashy tabloid newspaper Amanda? Difference is she is being paid to be a 'monster'...


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