Friday, 20 February 2009

'Muslims ban our...' - part 2

Libraries put Bible on top shelf in a sop to Muslims, said the Mail on 18 Feb 09. Further evidence of the 'Muslim take-over of Britain'-type stories the tabloids love to fabricate.

The first sentence sounds promising: "Librarians are being told to move the Bible to the top shelf to avoid giving offence to followers of Islam."

But then all goes a bit...well, reasonable: "Muslims have complained of finding the Koran on lower shelves, saying it should be put above commonplace things. So officials have responded with guidance, backed by ministers, that all holy books should be treated equally and go on the top shelf together."

Right. Ummm. And the problem is...? Muslims regard the Koran as the most important book so should be on the top-shelf. The guidance has recommended all other religious books should also go on the top shelf so they all seem equally highly regarded and important. How is this offensive to anyone?

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  1. As an antitheist I think a universally beneficial action would be for all religious books to be removed from all shelves and incinerated. Imagine no religion, its easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky.


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