Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tabloid crusade

Whether you believe the story or not, the tabloids have got very excited about Middlesex County Cricket Club changing their one-day name from Crusaders to Panthers. The Club says it has changed the name because it has new sponsors and wants to re-launch after 10 years - one or two complaints in ten years wouldn't appear to be a good enough reason to engage in such costly re-branding.

But the tabloids have sniffed a 'PC gone mad' story so...

Daily Mail: Cricket team told it can't call itself 'the Crusaders'...in case it offends Muslims and Jews
The Sun: Last crusade
Daily Express: Cricket crusaders change name after Muslim anger

But note how these stories differ slightly. The Mail and Sun say there were complaints from Muslims and Jews. The Express just calls it 'Muslim anger', two words it so enjoys putting together, and doesn't mention any complaints from Jewish people at all.

Richard Desmond, owner of the Express, is Jewish.

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