Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Revenge on who?

So Jo Brand was one of those in The One Show green room when Carol Thatcher made her idiotic golliwog 'joke'. We've still yet to hear this 'joke' in full, but of course we will. And I am sure we will hear far more about the police investigating the 'death threats' that Thatcher has reportedly received...

On QI on Fri 6 Feb 09, there was a question about the Thatcher Effect (something to do with how features look on a person when they're upside down). Jo Brand was on the panel and made a quite amusing joke suggesting Lady Thatcher sounded like a pubic hair remover.

The Express has worked itself up in to an all-too-predictable huff (BBC in new Thatcher row), calling the joke 'crude' and 'offensive'. So crude and offensive it prints the joke out in full. Ho hum.

A total non-story, of course, but it represents another tabloid attack on BBC comedy. How long before they start complaining that BBC comedy is too safe and dull like My Family and Life of Riley?

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