Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fund someone at the Star who can type

I posted before about the Star's headlines which don't match the story they are attached to, but now they've done that again and added a ridiculous typo in.

Muslims nuts set up 'suicide bomb find' is clearly meant to be 'fund'.

The story itself is another one attacking Anjem Choudary, who I am sure is appalled at all the attention.

What it claims, however, is that in a tape recording made last year (so much for the new in news) he said:

You have money that can go towards the da’wah, you have money that can go towards the mujaheddin. One day you will not have that. Then you will regret the time when you said: ‘When I had that time, I did not invest it properly’.

Da'wah means 'the spread of Islam' according to the Star. So he's asking people to send money to help the spread of Islam. So in the twisted logic of the Star, which thinks all Muslims are suicide bombers, you get headlines like this. With or without the typo.

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