Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The media leads the pack

Sir Fred Goodwin ranks as one of the most unpopular man in Britain at the moment, as well one of its worst businessmen, having taken RBS to the brink of failure and requiring £33bn of public funds. He then walked away with a £700,000-a-year pension.

But however much of a useless banker you may think he is, vandalising his home isn't the answer - especially when his two school-aged children could have been inside (although it seems the family have been living abroad).

Cast your mind back a couple of weeks to the protests in Luton by Muslims at a soldier's homecoming parade. One of the demonstrators had his home and car attacked and vandalised within days.

So, two men turned into public hate figures by the media, and both have their homes attacked. Do you think at any point, anyone in Fleet Street will have thought - maybe we go too far sometimes?

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