Wednesday 8 August 2012

Express and Mirror illustrate British Olympic success...with photos of the Dutch

The front page of today's Daily Express - the self-proclaimed 'World's Greatest Newspaper' - celebrates Team GB's success at the Olympics. Under the headline '22 CARAT GOLD', the paper says:

Jubliant Team GB was celebrating a sensational Olympic record last night – notching up a glorious total of 22 gold medals.

Sir Chris Hoy rounded off another astonishing day for Britain’s athletes as they scooped four more golds.

There were other triumphs in cycling and dressage and the gruelling triathlon.

They decided to put pictures of all these gold medallists on the front page:

Unfortunately, rather than the gold-medal winning British dressage team, the Express has published a photo of the third-placed Dutch team:

And the Express wasn't the only one - the Mirror used photos of the Dutch team on page seven and on their centre pages (photo from Nick Sutton):

According to Roy Greenslade, Getty sent out the photo wrongly-tagged. But did no-one at the Mirror or Express notice the bright orange collars or the not-very-gold medals and wonder if it was the right team?

(Thanks to Antonia, Martin, Chris and others)


  1. It's Dressage. No-one cares enough.


  3. Welllll, technically, in terms of newspaper layout, those photos on the DE's front page are inside a coloured block area and are technically part of the "FREE INSIDE your essential Olympic pullout" advertisement rather than the "22 carat gold" headlined article.

    But yeah.

  4. Brilliant! Thank heaven these journalists aren't actually representing Team GB in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  5. Is this a case of Express staff being careless, sloppy and downright idiotic or have they concluded that colour really does not matter after all?


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