Monday, 6 August 2012

Too insensitive and too touchy-feely

Mail, 4 August 2012:

Mail, 6 August 2012:

So in two days, the BBC has gone from 'lacking sensitivity' to too 'touchy-feely' over their Olympic interviews. It is almost as if the BBC can't win in the eyes of some at the Mail...

Today's article talks of 'unhappy viewers' and says 'many have complained'. Yet the article is based on four (yes, four) comments that the anonymous author has found on Twitter and BBC messageboards.

The article ends with the rather telling line:

But others praised reporters for calming the athletes down, such as when [Phil] Jones brought Ennis back from the verge of tears as she celebrated her gold.

Yet none of these 'others' are quoted.

Moreover, the vast majority of the 800+ comments on the article are critical of the Mail's sniping.

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  1. Sounds like the Mail doesn't know what the readers want and is trying both angles to see which generates the most readers - and the most commentators.

    Just goes to show that newspapers don't tell the public what to do, they just see what the public wants and then respond.


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