Monday, 22 March 2010

Another apology over the 'gatecrashed' wake

Last week, this blog noted the apologies made to Nancy Jones by the Sun and the Evening Standard over claims she had 'gatecrashed' her father's wake.

But the Mail newspapers have also published an apology to Jones for the same false story:

An article on 7 October suggested that Nancy Jones, Keith Floyd's eldest daughter, had turned up unannounced at his wake and that there was reason to doubt her paternity. In fact, Ms Jones' existence was well known to Mr Floyd and the family and she was an invited guest. We apologise for any distress caused.

Only 'suggested'? Really?

The original headline 'Mourners at Keith Floyd's funeral stunned by his 'secret love child'' is a little more than a suggestion.

The Sun were, at least, upfront in admitting their original story had 'wrongly stated' the claims. Why did the Standard and Mail pretend they had only 'suggested' the lies?

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