Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sorry for saying you gatecrashed your father's wake

The Sun and the Evening Standard have both apologised to Nancy Jones after they claimed she had 'gatecrashed' Keith Floyd's wake and announced she was his 'lovechild':


An article on 6 October last year about Keith Floyd's funeral wrongly stated that Nancy Jones had gatecrashed the wake, had acted in an insensitive way and that she was ushered out. We now accept that our information was incorrect.

Nancy Jones, Keith Floyd's eldest daughter, was expected and welcomed at the event and was not ushered out because of her behaviour or otherwise.

We apologise to her for any embarrassment caused.

And from the Standard:

On 6 October 2009, our article suggested that Nancy Jones gate crashed Keith Floyd's wake and announced that she was his secret love child.

We accept that Ms Jones, Mr Floyd's eldest daughter, was well known to the family, that she was invited to the event, and that she did not behave in an insensitive manner to any of the guests.

We apologise for the distress caused to her at a difficult time.

(Hat-tip Regret the Error)

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