Friday, 26 March 2010

More shameless lying from the Star

Even by the recent standards of lies on the Star's front page, today's may just top the lot:

This would would seem to suggest that Peter Andre and ex-wife Jordan had had a 'bust-up' in a 'nightclub', where one of them revealed their 'hidden feelings' in an 'astonishing rant'. The pictures have been deliberately selected to show the two looking angry and weary at night.

But the story by Gemma Wheatley isn't even close to that:

Bitter Peter Andre has been branded a spoilsport after refusing to let Jordan lookalikes into his show.

The star, 37, was forced to act after a radio station handed out free tickets to fans who were the spitting image of his ex-wife Kate Price, 31.

Ten big-busted beauties were handed £28 front row seats at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Bosses at the local Radio City station were eager to see the look on Peter’s face when the curtain went up.

But when Peter and his management found out about the stunt they vowed to turn away anyone who looked like Kate at the door.

So a radio station tried to get a bit of free publicity by pulling a stunt where they would get Jordan look-a-likes into a Andre gig and his management stopped it.

That's it.

Where is the 'astonishing rant'?

Where is the 'bust-up' between Andre and Jordan, when she actually hasn't said or done anything to do with this 'story'?

And since when is the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall called a 'nightclub'?

Given that all these stories are about a named person, the chances of any third-party complaint to the PCC getting anywhere are slim-to-none. Yet surely they have to stop a paper writing such obviously misleading headlines, designed to sell papers (it's working) through deliberate lying.

Don't they?


  1. The PCC might be a lost cause with things like this but is there any scope in a complaint on the basis of fraud or false advertsing?


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