Thursday, 29 July 2010

14-year-old does 'bikini photo shoot'...

...and the Daily Mail calls the pictures 'stunning':


  1. Yet another case of simple hypocrisy...

    Believe it or not, that would fall under the required criteria for a level one indecent image of a child, which is defined as "Images of erotic posing, with no sexual activity" (source: )

  2. Typical Mail, though - lip-smacking disapproval.

  3. Notice the other story it was running today in a finger wagging way (with expected comments)?

  4. I think the Mails attitude is "If she looks old enough it's ok!"
    Read the first line of the article about critics getting "hot under the collar".....SHE'S FOURTEEN! TWO YEARS AGO SHE WAS TWELVE!


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