Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Recommended reading - 'Muslim-only' toilets

This Daily Star front page headline from last week was inspired by the Daily Mail story that was inspired by a Manchester Evening News story from the previous day.

So it is with modern-day tabloid 'journalism'.

New blog exclarotive has looked into the Star's coverage and found the front page splash falls down in two key respects: they aren't 'Muslim-only' toilets and the council didn't spend any money on them.

He has fired off a letter to the PCC about the Star's misleading headline and he's promised to keep us updated as to what happens next.


  1. good luck with the letter. will be scouring the top and bottom corners of each page for the expected apology from the star.

  2. Muslim toilets seem to be a fascination for racists. This was posted on a popular expat forum I was reading a couple of years ago...

    .....the same as that which is happening in some parts of England. One example in High Wycombe "on the buses". Lately the bus drivers have a trade union which holds their meetings not in English but in Hirdu (or is it Hurdu?). New toilets have been built at the bus station only for Muslims and the "whites" ie the local brit drivers are not allowed to use them.

    I wrote to High Wycombe before challenging it.

    "I am unaware of any of the things claimed in the quote happening and have worked closely on the development of the Bus Station and Eden.  It sounds very much like one of those urban myths that make good copy but do not stand up to closer investigation "
    Communications Manager
    Wycombe District Council

    The thread I then posted, to smack down the comment, was very well received and read. The original poster didn't join in the discussion for some reason!!!

    I wish it was always so easy to redress these lies when newspapers publish them.

  3. Thought you m ight like to see this as their follow up to that particular article. Given the first article was woefull innaccurate. I ponder as to how this one can be any better.



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