Monday 26 July 2010

The Mail and upskirts

Today, the Daily Mail was tut-tutting at allegations Jon Venables had been involved in taking 'upskirt' pictures on his mobile phone:

Yet for most of today, one of the Mail's leading 'showbiz' stories has been this:

The Mail says in the Venables piece:

The case was dropped due to insufficient evidence, but officers found a folder called 'Up Skirts' on his computer - containing 1,200 images.

How many pictures are in the Mail's 'Up Skirts' folder?


  1. You make a very valid point - the Mail (and Express) flip-flops like this all the time, which somewhat makes a mockery of the "outrage" which usually accompanies these articles. I don't know which is worse - their lack of standards or the way they treat their readers with such contempt.

  2. excellent point. although I'm not sure it comes as a surprise that the Mail can be called out as hypocrites? Whatever next? The Express being accused of shoddy journalism? ;)

  3. I do love the caption with the Alesha Dixon picture,'dress has mind of it's own' unlike most Daily Mail readers then!

  4. At least Venebles didn't sell his pictures for cash

  5. I saw this yesterday and marvelled at how most commentators saw it as a deliberate ploy to get get attention because she has no talent, and not the obvious result of a photographer being positioned directly below her in a festival press pit.


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