Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Those editorials in full

The front pages of today's Daily Express and Daily Star were covered in an earlier post.

As if those headlines weren't bad enough, here are the editorials that accompanied them.

The Express:


There is no point in hankering after a return to the ethnically homogeneous Britain of the Forties. It is never coming back.

Nor is there much point in complaining that some of those who were pilloried as racists for claiming that immigrants were “taking over” their neighbourhoods in the Sixties and Seventies were telling the truth – though they were.

A new study predicts that the ethnic minority share of the population will soar to 20 per cent over the next four decades. Much of the increase will be down to very high birth rates among some ethnic communities already established here.

The transition to a multi-racial society has happened remarkably quickly and without the permission of the public being sought by the political elite.

Yet things are not all bad. Many immigrant communities and families are making a big contribution to society and are now over-represented in the professions.

Others, alas, have high rates of welfare dependency and criminality. Some have fully integrated into mainstream British culture, others are almost fully insulated from it.

At its best, modern Britain is more culturally stimulating and free than was the case 70 years ago. But at its worst it is a country of resentful strangers living in close proximity to each other but with little in common.

What Britain needs now is a long pause in immigration to allow a core common culture that all ethnic groups observe to become established. Britons old and new need time to get to know each other.

Last week, the Star said there was 'no room for gays'. Today, there's no room for anyone new:


In just two generations the very face of Britain will change beyond recognition.

Research reveals that one in five of us will be from an ethnic minority, more than double the current levels.

The groups growing fastest are white, from Europe and America.

Britain has a long and proud tradition of being multi-cultural.

But in recent years the vast numbers of newcomers from Eastern Europe has put our services under intolerable pressure.

Our entire support system, including housing, schools and hospitals, has been pushed to the very limit.

We need a total halt to immigration - now.


  1. I love the irony that both of these papers will vilify the BNP without a second thought, but that they also use precisely the same language as them. But of course it's okay when they use it.

  2. That first paragraph of the Express piece should be memorised and written out 1,000 times in their best handwriting before any Express journalist even thinks about starting his working day

  3. The Star says that minority ethnicities are going to proportionally grow larger, yet in the very next sentence say that they aren't. How can anyone be brainless enough not to spot this?

  4. "Nor is there much point in complaining that some of those who were pilloried as racists for claiming that immigrants were “taking over” their neighbourhoods in the Sixties and Seventies were telling the truth – though they were."

    i suppose it depends on how you describe 'taking over' but other than that can you point out what is wrong with the above statement?

  5. ...and who needs the 'N' word any more, when there is now an 'E' word to take it's place?

  6. I have to echo the point Phil makes above - even the most stupid person should see the blatant contradiction in the Star's piece. Totally unbelievable.

  7. Another classic headline headline today in the Express:-

    "DEMANDS to ban the burkha in Britain were growing last night after France voted to outlaw the wearing of Islamic full-face veils in public."

    I would like to know who is making these "demands", apart from the usual suspects, such as the BNP, UKIP and (of course) Desmond and his lackeys on the Express

  8. Unbelievable. I can't believe that they can get away with this tripe.

  9. Ethnically homogeneous in the 1940s? I suppose it was if you didn't count the Scots, Welsh, Irish, Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans. Bastard means "white" - why doesn't he just say so?

  10. I'm no fan of the Express but, by their standards, this editorial is actually quite thoughtful. Not sure this is the best example of the truly outrageous stuff.


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