Sunday, 11 July 2010

Express publishes three apologies - for one story

On Friday 9 July, the Express published the following apology:

In an article published on this website on 27 December 2009 until 15 January 2010, entitled “Jet bomb ordered by 9/11 spiritual leader”, we incorrectly described the charity Interpal as “Hamas-supporting”.

As such the article would have wrongly been understood to mean that Interpal and its trustees provided support for Hamas notwithstanding that Hamas is deemed a terrorist organisation and thereby were aiding terrorism.

We accept that this is wrong and neither Interpal nor its Trustees support Hamas.

We wish to apologise to Interpal and its Trustees and are happy to set the record straight.

If the 27 December 2009 article 'Jet bomb ordered by 9/11 spiritual leader' sounds familiar, that's because the Express has already apologised for it twice before.

They apologised to the East London Mosque on 15 March and they apologised and paid 'substantial' libel damages to four Trustees of the the Ummah Welfare Trust on 15 April. And now this.

To say sorry for getting a story so completely wrong is one thing. To do it three times for one article is something else. The journalist responsible, Ted Jeory, must be so proud.

And the Express still claims it's the World's Greatest Newspaper.

(Hat-tip to exclarotive)

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  1. Just had a brief look at some of Ted Jeory's most recent articles - one, focues on an MEP calling for EU "X-Files" programme, with the usual anti-EU stance. One calls for halting the digital radio switchover, with numbers plucked from thin air and a typical anti-BBC stance. And another fears an anti-animal testing 'war', with little reference to any planned attacks, or quotes from the protestors - infact, it's all a bit hearsay.

    So it appears Ted is still working as hard as he was over xmas.


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