Saturday 9 July 2011

'Giving you the inside track'

@Sun_Politics is the Twitter name of 'The Sun's political team' who bill themselves as 'giving you the inside track on Westminster'. At around 8.21pm tonight, they tweeted their views on the demise of the News of the World:

Just over an hour later, after much criticism:


  1. Pathetic.

    The Guardian did what real journalism should be, exposing wrong doing and corruption. What the News of the World claimed it was in existence for fell to the type of scandal they would so often expose. So yes, The Guardian can fell proud of what they did. Top class Journalism.

    Why doesn't The Sun place the blame at those responsible? News of the World was closed by the people ultimately responsible and the staff at the NOTW now were thrown under the bus to protect those people and the parent organization.

  2. I honestly can't see how anyone can defend the NOTW as having top quality journalism. Even those who worked for it...I mean how on earth can they say that with a straight face?

    Listening to some of them these past few days on the News it's as if NOTW staff have been brainwashed into thinking that what they did was real and honest journalism. Phone Hacking aside, even the stuff that they called news was barrel scraping rubbish that appealed to the very lowest common denominator. No talent, no professionalism, no ethics, no morals, absolutely lacking in everything that a proper newspaper and it's staff should have. I'm glad the paper has gone and as bad as this may sound I am glad that a lot of fake journalists are now out of a job. I have a shred of sympathy for anyone who was working there who genuinely wanted to be a real and honest journalist, but at the same time I feel nothing for them as they chose to enter the domain of the NOTW in the first place. They were clearly only in it for the money as anyone who really wanted a distinguished career in the press does not start off writing about nip-slips or who footballers have been sleeping with.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, let's hope his whole episode will clean up British Press for good, it's long over due.

  3. I echo the previous comments, especially the pessimism about the future. There's a whole bunch of immigration/celebrity/human interest stories out there yet to be written, which are driven by popularism, spite, misconceptions and bias. Whether there's hacking or not, those stories will continue. The vast majority of the stories on this site would not have been prevented by an absence of phone hacking. Most WOULD have been tempered by an independent, aggressive PCC.

  4. They even try to spin this situation.... Are there no depths these won't tabloids sink to?

  5. I am more hopeful for the future than some posters here. On the telly yesterday I heard Cameron, Milliband and some important dude from the BBC all making grave noises about the need for an independent regulator of the press. I honestly think they get it, they want the change, and they have seen that this scandal provides an opportunity to make the change without losing public support and without the tabloids daring to attack them.

    I think within a year we shall be witnessing the dawning of a new day for British journalism.


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