Saturday, 30 July 2011

Old stories become front page news

The lead story on the front page of Sunday's People is about Shem Davies, who has become a grandad at the age of 29. It is, they say, an 'exclusive':

But can they really claim it is an 'exclusive' when the Sun reported on Shem's family two weeks ago, on 15 July?

It's not the only example of a tabloid splashing an old story on its front page in the past week.

On Thursday, MailOnline published an article about Naomi Jacobs, a woman in her thirties who woke up one day thinking she was 15:

Naomi's story of suffering with transient global amnesia was picked up by the Sun for Friday's front page:
It's an interesting story.

Indeed, the Independent newspaper thought it so interesting they published an article about it back on 14 June.


  1. Re: Memory loss article - And The Guardian covered it, with slightly different details, in 2008:

  2. "...a mature woman with wrinkles"
    She's only 32!


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