Friday, 15 July 2011

Yesterday, the Mail failed at maths. Today: geography

The day after the Mail decided that 42% was the same as one in four, the paper's website now seems to be having problems with geography.

In an article about the couple who won £161m on the EuroMillions lottery, there is a map marking their hometown of Largs. (The story also includes a picture of the front of the couple's house, but helpfully pixelates the registration plates on their cars).

But whoever put the map together seemed so intent on getting Largs in the right place, they forgot where Glasgow and Edinburgh should be:

Here's a Google Map showing where Glasgow and Edinburgh actually are:

(Hat-tip to Scott)

(Post updated with new map image - thanks James and Alasdair.)


  1. Daily Mail doesn't entirely care about Scotland at all really, not even enough to bother looking at a map to show where the countries two biggest cities are.

    Not surprising the Mail has had to slash its prices (20p on weekdays now) and ramp up the pathetic freebies North O' the Border in order to keep up with papers like the i.

  2. Bloody foreigners, coming over here, moving our Scottish cities...


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