Sunday, 10 July 2011

'Inaccurate and purposely misleading'

The News of the World, 12 July 2009:

Despite purporting to represent the highest standards in journalism, the Guardian's reporting was inaccurate, selective and purposely misleading.

It is a fact that one former News of the World journalist - Clive Goodman, the Royal Editor - tapped into telephone voicemails.

And they wanted to be clear:

So let us be clear. Neither the police, nor our own internal investigations, has found any evidence to support allegations that News of the World journalists have accessed voicemails of any individuals.

Nor instructed private investigators or other third parties to access voicemails of any individual.

And: the rest of the media, we have made mistakes.

When we have done so, we have admitted to them.

(Via Alexis Petridis)

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  1. Um, they were sucking a lemon as they wrote that?

    Amazing how crowded the moral high ground got, during the frantic scramble by the other red tops!


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