Saturday, 19 May 2012

Star: 'Only says this in the headline, the story itself does not suggest this is your quote'

Today's Daily Star says:

Soon after this front page emerged last night, Gary Lineker took to Twitter to deny he had ever said the England team were 'losers':

'Only says this in the headline, the story itself does not suggest this is your quote'. 

Like when they said Simon Cowell was 'dead' - it only said this in the front page headline, the story itself didn't actually say he was dead.

And when they ran the front page headline 'Cowell: My feud with Cheryl' which included the actual quote 'we haven't had a fight'.

And when they said a celebrity couple had 'kissed and made up' in a front page headline, when the story itself said no such thing.

And so on...

This morning, Lineker added:

When she appeared before the Leveson Inquiry, Star editor Dawn Neesom refused to admit the 'Cowell is dead' headline was complete rubbish, saying instead:

you only have a finite amount of words you can fit on a page 1 as a was designed to be an eye-catching headline.

(Hat-tip to Martin Baker)


  1. Ah, so you can put any old rubbish in the headline just as long as you don't make any reference to it in the story?

    That's a great way to get round any slander allegations isn't it? The "It's just a headline" defence, I'm sure, will go down great in court

  2. The Star reminds me a lot of Jay from the Inbetweeners.


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