Thursday, 10 May 2012

'We don’t report pregnancies unless confirmed by the subject'

In his witness statement to the Leveson Inquiry, MailOnline publisher Martin Clarke talked about reporting pregnancies:

For instance the other month a US website broke the news of Sienna Miller’s pregnancy which was swiftly followed by all our American rivals but not by us because we don’t report pregnancies unless confirmed by the subject.

He made a similar point in his oral evidence:

Similarly, there are things that we can't write, pregnancy stories, for instance. The PCC says that we're not allowed to say somebody's pregnant unless they've confirmed it.

All of which sounds as if the MailOnline wouldn't dream of reporting a pregnancy unless it is 'confirmed' by the pregnant woman.

From six days ago:

And in November, MailOnline was not shy about reporting some feeble speculation and rumour about an unconfirmed 'pregnancy':

(Hat-tip to satnav at the Mailwatch Forum)

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  1. The "onlooker" is remarkably articulate. Amazing how those comments mirror exactly what the article is trying to point out. I am pleased that the Danish Crown Prince and his wife did try the paste however.

    Also, the Drew Barrymore headline is one of clumsiest I have ever seen


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