Monday, 25 January 2010



  1. Sounds a bit like what they said about each other in that Mr & Mrs Smith film, so my money's on them getting back together, after they fire guns at each other for a bit of course.

  2. Sorry Haiti, your 15 minutes are up. Impossible to compete with news on this scale.

  3. It is said to be this dinner, earlier this month, that finally sealed the fate of the Brangelina story which has fascinated the world...

    African villages have been known to sell what little they can scrimp for a single scrap of paper that might enlighten them re: *cough* "Brangelina".

  4. "Boring and toxic." Sounds like a description of the Daily Mail actually....

  5. Hi tabloid watch chaps - got a story for you.

    Would you mind covering the story about a certain tabloid's forum spewing trojans to all and sundry?

    An ad from the online forum is telling users they have viruses on their PC when they blatantly do not. It is discussed here, and should be comedy gold for your writers.!!!

    There's screengrabs of the fake ad & virus here:

    and here:

    This is EPIC Murdoch FAIL


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