Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mail apology round-up

Last week, the Daily Mail was running a poll on its website which asked:

Anton posted on the issue at Enemies of Reason (from where the above screenshot is taken).

Today, Anton reveals a letter of apology sent by the Mail's Assistant Editor Charles Garside to all those who complained. He blames a 'junior member of staff' (yes, that old chestnut) for the 'clumsy' question.

But at least that apology didn't cost the Mail anything. Unlike the one they made today to Sir Michael Parkinson:

An article of 30 May 2009 reported claims that Sir Michael had threatened to sue a relative over suggestions that the former chat show host had been insensitive to his uncle and had lied about his father in his autobiography.

We accept that Sir Michael had not lied about his family or been insensitive. We apologise for any distress caused and have agreed to pay him damages and costs.

Another famous person takes their complaint against the media to their lawyers. Could it be that they don't think the PCC is much good?

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