Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More fact-free mud-slinging from Littlejohn

The final section of Richard Littlejohn's latest column reads:

The equalities commission is within its rights to prosecute the BNP for dragging its feet over lifting the ban on non-white members.

But these Toytown Nazis need to be beaten at the ballot box, not in court. Sending Nick Griffin to prison on a technicality will only feed their sense of victim-hood and martyrdom.

Especially when other overtly racist organisations - the Black Police Association, for instance - are free to carry on with impunity.

It's funny, isn't it, that whenever Littlejohn wants to pick on a Police Association he always goes for the Muslim, Black and Trans ones and never the Christian one.

But Littlejohn has just called the Black Police Association 'overtly racist' and compared them to the BNP.

His 'overtly racist' claim seems to be based solely on the fact that the organisation has 'black' in its name.

Because if he'd bothered doing even the smallest bit of research and gone to the homepage of the National Black Police Association website, he would see clearly that:

The NBPA is open to all in policing on application and there is no bar to membership based on colour.

And from the homepage of one of the regional BPA's, Merseyside:

membership is open to all police officers and police staff and organisations and individuals of any rank or grade, irrespective of ethnic origin... we have a number of white full members, one of whom is currently an MBPA [Merseyside Black Police Association] Executive Committee member.

As the NBPA is a registered charity, Littlejohn should write to the Charity Commission with all his evidence about how and why they are 'overtly racist' and let them investigate.

But he won't. Why find out facts when you can get paid huge amounts for lying and myth-making?


  1. Could he be sued for libel?

  2. Could be worth a PCC complaint on clause 1. Not that it'll do much good...

  3. Anton - I think a complaint could get it withdrawn, but it would have to come from the BPA as they are the clear 'first-party'.

  4. You know what? Sod it, I'm going for it. Or getting someone else to do it for me because I'm lazy.

  5. Done - or should be being copied and pasted onto a complaint form as I type this. Although I notice that the exact wording doesn't say the BPA don't accept white officers.

    It implies it heavily, and that interpretation's the only one that makes any sense, but I bet that's how the PCC and Smellyface will wriggle out of it.

  6. re - Libel. sadly not as it's not possible to Libel an organisation, only an individual. I am waiting for the day that he says something sufficiently libellous and will personally fund the case. Purely for the sense of enormous satisfaction in seeing the enormous tit in the witness-box.

  7. I must apologise, that is total rubbish. I don;t know what came over me. You can in fact Libel a company (though im not certain about a charity, i don't see why not!) - lets hope they sue him!

  8. I hear Stonewall are also "heterophobic".

    And when women got the vote, that was "PC GONE MAD".

    It's amusing when bigots like Littlejohn find that their hate is being attacked and so cry "discrimination".


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