Thursday, 21 January 2010

Express loses even more readers

The latest newspaper circulation figures provide further grim reading for Peter Hill, Editor of the self-proclaimed 'World's Greatest Newspaper'.

The Daily Express recorded a 6.94% year-on-year - and 1.09% month-on-month - circulation fall.

It now shifts 677,750 copies per day, a decline of 7,445 from November to December.

More significantly, Express Editor Peter Hill has overseen a massive fall in circulation of 173,449 copies per day since he's been in charge.

Express owner Richard Desmond bought the paper when sales were at 985,253, so he's been responsible for shedding 307,503 readers.



  1. Ahh, if only the same were true of the Mail and The Sun!

  2. 677,750 copies a day is still a terrifying number.

  3. Does that figure include free ones? Some papers strip those out.

  4. Tim - Their total circulation is the same as the figure without bulks.


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