Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mail implies man is flirting with 'stunning' under-age girl

Sometimes, the tabloids can still make your jaw drop, even when you think you have seen it all:

For the record, Laura Robson is 15.

One of the captions says:

Game, set and matched

And the article is quite clearly suggesting something is going on between the two biggest stars in British tennis - one of whom is 22, the other 15:

Andy Murray is not usually known for beaming smiles on the tennis court. But the quick wit and even faster feet of Laura Robson, the 2008 Junior Wimbledon champ, appear to have sweetened his mood.


the pair have giggled their way to the final of the Hopman Cup


And their rapport on-court has continued after the end of each match at the press conferences.

This really shouldn't go any further...

Newly single Murray, 22, said...

Please stop, Daily Mail Reporter.

And Sportsmail Reporter is not much better. A couple of days before, the headline:

London calling: Andy Murray makes a date with Laura Robson for 2012 Olympics

also clearly implied this was more than just a tennis partnership.

A couple of years ago, when Robson won the Wimbledon Junior title, the Mail described her as 'stunning':

Then, Laura Robson was 14.

But it seems they don't care. On another recent article about Robson, they actually approved this comment:

Laura Robson is 15.


  1. This is tenuous at best. Not some of your best work.

  2. 'Tenuous'? You may need to explain what your understanding of 'flirty love' is then...

  3. not long until they start with "stunning" suri cruise...

  4. Well they have already called Suri 'strikingly pretty'...

  5. If I were Tom and Katie Cruise I'd be calling for the Mail to be put on some kind of governement watch-list. The obsession they ahve with that child goes beyond creepy into something I don;t know how to describe. The worst thing is, the day she turns 18, she going to come out of her front door to find them lying on their backs, going for an upskirt.

  6. The Mail: frothingly terrified of paedophiles, except when it's employing them.


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