Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sex, lies and Georgina Littlejohn

Two actresses are going to kiss in a soon-to-be-released film. Yes, it's the Mail website's latest shameless attempt to boost visitor numbers by attracting the dirty mac brigade.

And it's yet another example that shows Mail Online Editor Martin Clarke's statement that 'news is far more important to us than showbiz' may not be entirely believable.

She could be your Mamma! Amanda Seyfried, 24, in lesbian scene with Julianne Moore, 49 contains five screenshots from the film, two mid-kiss, and one of Seyfried naked. This from the same organisation that was pretending to outraged by a bit cleavage the other day.

And who is the star journalist behind this masterpiece?

Georgina Littlejohn, of course.

She adds in such search-engine-friendly terms as 'girl-on-girl action', 'Megan Fox', 'naked', 'lesbian' and 'steamy lesbian scene', just to make sure it'll get lots of hits.

She also includes this clunking segue:

But the buzz surrounding her steamy scenes seemed to have gone over Amanda's head yesterday as she was seen leaving a medical centre in Los Angeles last night.


But they've got a pap shot to use and they are determined to use it.

It's not the only clunker. Earlier in the piece, Littlejohn writes:

In these never-seen-before screen shots from the film, which is released in March...

It's an interesting use of the word 'never' when the Huffington Post was running them yesterday.


  1. Didn't a Mail journalist going by the name of Jan Moir do an article critical of Sting giving his son's band a support slot on The Police tour and suggesting that there was nepotism involved?

    And yet the same paper employs someone with no discernible ability or talent simply because daddy writes for it.


  2. Romanhousing - You are absolutely right about Moir: http://tinyurl.com/yauvlod

  3. For my sins, I used to work at the Evening Standard around the same time Littlejohn Jnr was "working" as a junior hackette there.

    She was widely loathed by her colleagues and once had to take several months off work after tripping over her own handbag while getting out of a taxi and shattering several bones in her arm.

    Unfortunately there were no photographers around to capture the moment and provide evidence of how 'famous' women shouldn't look while getting out of cars.


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