Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Daily Star, Big Brother, lies (cont.)

The Daily Star's coverage of Celebrity Big Brother shows no sign of slipping off their front page. It also shows little sign of reflecting actual events.

Wednesday's front page clearly implies 'sobbing' Amy Childs has got the 'BB boot' and has been voted out of the Big Brother house in an 'eviction shock'.

In fact, she's still in the house and hasn't been evicted - as Peter Dyke's article makes very clear.

If the show is as thrilling as the 'Official Big Brother Paper' wants us to believe, why does it feel the need to resort to such blatantly deceptive headlines?


  1. "Big Bro hot bot" and "Sex tease Amy" - more mainstream porn, then. By the way, why would BB slip from the front page of the Star? Aren't they both Richard Desmond possessions? Just one part of his empire promoting another.


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